Apples- school is here and fall weather is near

Fall is my favorite season in Kentucky! Its not too hot and humid, icy and cold, or under tornado watches. I get to wear cardigans and boots and celebrate my birthday and anniversary:).Apple picking always gets me excited knowing that the fabulous weather is coming soon. My girls started school a couple of weeks ago but had Labor Day off, so we went as a family to get some apples (which were 1/2 off for Labor Day. yay)

Here is a link to some yummy


Ophthalmology 2012 Cake

So I am way late posting this! I have taken a major break from blogging because it takes away so much time, BUT here is my cake for the 2012's University of Kentucky Ophthalmology Residents Day. I made a vanilla sheet cake with raspberry filling for the white coat , and the eyeball cake balls ( which were the biggest hit) were a chocolate cake mix baked and mixed with a homemade mint frosting, dipped in white chocolate, topped with a blue Wilton Candy Melt. 



Tooth Fairy Pillows

I made these for Valentines for my little girls who keep losing teeth! I thought I would give then this and a new toothbrush instead of chocolate! I got the tutorial Here. They LOVED them!
Tomorrow I will have an AWESOME recipe for you!


Valentines = AWESOME

So remember how I posted a picture and link of the Valentines that I wanted to copy?? Well I copied and LOVE LOVE LOVE  the results! The girls and I had a fun girls night getting dressed up and having a photo shoot and even more fun using glue dots to stick the adorable pictures {seriously I have the cutest kids EVER..not bias or anything:)} to colored paper and then stick in the sucker! The girls love them and cant wait to give them to their lil friends!They are so much cuter in person since they are pictures of pictures... I think i might hang a few around my house:)  Check em out and go make your own! Happy Love Day ya'll!